Irrigation Efficiency for Cropping in the South East

MacKillop Farm Management Group - Tim Powell - Integrated Irrigation

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Ensuring you are using your irrigation water efficiently is important to your profitability and the environment.  This page looks at two methods of ensuring that you are doing this.

This project is supported by the MacKillop Farm Management Group in partnership with the South East Natural Resources Management Board and local grower, Bruce McLean who allowed the filming on his property.

There are two videos attached to this project which talk about the following topics:

  • Catch Can Test

A catch can test is used to determine how long to run an irrigation system or hose-end sprinkler and how well the water is distributed over the landscape.

  • Moisture Probes

A simple way of judging the depth of soil wetting after irrigation or rain is to use a soil moisture probe or push probe. The soil moisture probe may be used in irrigated or rainfed systems to determine the depth of wet soil.

2016 - Australia - MacKillop Farm Management Group - Tim Powell - Integrated Irrigation
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