Irrigation Glove Box Guide


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Farm Table says:

Great guide with quick access to the calculations needed through the irrigating season.

This resource is adapted from regional irrigation workshops in the South East of SA that were run through the MacKillop Farm Management Group, Natural Resources SE and PIRSA.

It aims to help irrigators to easily access all the information and equations needed to ensure that irrigation events and systems are as efficient as possible.

This book is aimed at ensuring irrigation systems and all environmental factors (water, soil, and plants) are being managed as efficiently as possible.

The key sections are:
1. Irrigation Best Practice Management
• 8 non prescriptive irrigation principles

2. Soil types and calculating RAW
• Calculating the water available in your soil type

3. Crop Water use
• Assess the amount of water your crop required

4. Important conversions
• Convert depth to volume

5. Volumetric measurement and metres
• Work out how many litres in a gigalitre?
• Reading the meter

6. Understanding the depth of irrigation
• know the depth of your irrigation event

7. Irrigation application efficiency
• How much water does my soil require?

8. Irrigation system capacity
• How much water can my system apply in a day?

9. Calculating irrigable area
• How many hectares are being irrigated?

10. Systems evaluation
• Is your system efficient?

11. Developing an irrigation schedule
• Irrigate at the optimum time

In conclusion, the guide has been developed as a quick reference guide for irrigators.
It requires a working knowledge of some of the equations and how to apply.

2016 - Australia - MFMG
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