Irrigation innovation: putting water back in the Murray

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Farm Table says:

Informative article on the Murray-Darling Basin government funding that is being provided to promote innovation to ensure water can be returned to the Murray River, Australia's 'food bowl'.

This article discusses the three streams of Government funding that was approved to assist irrigators along the Murray River in South Australia to become more sustainable to allow water to return to the Murray Darling Basin.

Items covered in this article were:

  • Government funding innovation
  • Securing water supply
  • New opportunities
  • Murray­Darling basin

Key points were as follows:

  • $240 million is being allocated through three grant schemes to irrigators who can provide innovation through water savings and efficiencies.
  1. Stream One – irrigation efficiency
  2. Stream two – water returns
  3. Stream three – irrigation industry efficiency
  • The balance of the $265 million funding ($25 million) was allocated to Regional Economic Development.
  • The funding success story of Jubilee Almonds securing water supply innovation through funding totalling $5.6 million which allowed upgrades major pump and irrigation system on their Murray River orchid.
  • The funding has already provided great results in water return and energy savings and more is expected to be seen throughout the duration of the funding period.
  • The Murray­-Darling Basin is known as the ‘food bowl’ of Australia as it’s the main source of agricultural land and food production.
2016 - Australia - Pump Industry Magazine
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