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Farming Ahead - Livestock Production Data Collection Tools

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Understand how technology can assist producers maintain records on-farm, provide useful reports and integrate with other technology on farm to simplify the process of managing livestock record keeping.

This article discusses livestock record keeping, what records producers are required to keep and what technology can assist in making it easier.

Key points were as follows:

  • The minimum records that producers are required to keep are classes of stock, age and the total number of animals on the property.
  • Electronic tagging of cattle is required before stock are moved off a property. And in some states such as Victoria, electronic tagging of sheep and goats has come into effect recently.
  • The need for software or technology will depend on the type of enterprise and the extent of the business, a small enterprise would not need the same technology as a multi-faceted enterprise with various target markets.
  • LPA accreditation requires producers to have easy access to records of animal treatments, feed sources, paddock movements, contaminated areas, chemical storage, chemical use records and farm maps.
  • Other quality assurance schemes such as EU accreditation and NLIS can be easier managed with systemic record keeping. Failure to keep records and provide this information on the sale of livestock can result in the loss of accreditation.
  • When choosing a software program for farm record keeping, consider the following:
  1. How multifaceted does the program need to be?
  2. Do the users need training to learn how to use it?
  3. How much does it cost?
  4. Is it a once off cost or an ongoing monthly cost?
  5. Can the software program capture all of the data I need to record?
  6. Does it link in with weigh scales we already have on hand?
  7. What reports does the program generate?
  8. It the program only based on a computer or can it be used on an iPad or iPhone as an app?
2015 - Australia - Farming Ahead - Livestock Production Data Collection Tools
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