Keeping livestock productive on crop stubbles

Birchip Cropping Group - Alison Frischke and Jessica Crettenden

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Farm Table says:

This paper answers some key directives around the management of livestock on stubbles.

This research work looks to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the grazing value of stubble?
  2. How does weather affect the feed value of my stubble?
  3. How do I manage grazing behaviour on stubbles?
  4. When should stock be supplemented or put into containment?
  5. What are my other options for grazing stubbles?

The paper presents the feed value of different wheat and barley stubbles:

The following takeaways are highlighted:

  • Feed value will vary across a paddock and is difficult to measure.
  • Feed quality is determined by the amount of residual grain and green plant growth.
  • A guide for a productive stubble is one with at least 40 kg/ha of grain or green shoots, but condition scoring or weighing animals is most accurate.
2016 - Australia - Birchip Cropping Group - Alison Frischke and Jessica Crettenden
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