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Due to the nature of ketosis, it's important to contact your vet if a cow shows signs of the disease.  Reading this webpage will inform you on what to look for so you can seek treatment as soon as possible.

This webpage was produced by DairyNZ and contains both information and resources to inform producers about the metabolic disease ketosis (also known as acetonaemia).  It briefly describes the condition before going into the specific details, including the three types, and providing the links to further information.

Key sections of the webpage include the symptoms of ketosis, it’s prevention and treatment.  The factsheets have much more detailed information and have been written in reference to scientific articles.  Information of note include:

  • Tabulated information on blood metabolites and optimum concentrations to determine ketosis in pasture-based dairy cows; and
  • A flowchart showing how one metabolic disease can increase the risk of other metabolic and infectious diseases and reduce milk production, health and reproduction.

In conclusion, this webpage is a useful source of basic information on ketosis as a distinct problem for dairy cows.

2018 - New Zealand - DairyNZ
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