Lamb Feedlotting Tips

Compass Feeds - Ross Waller

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Colloquial, full of spelling mistakes, but some handy tips on the nutrition of lambs in feedlots and how to imprint and introduce grain.

Author Ross Waller states that historically finishing prime lambs on grain has “been a real mixed bag of success and tragedy”.

He states that to be successful you must have a basic understanding of sheep nutrition, particularly in relation to the digestive system. In short, the digestive system of a sheep is not suited to grain. Lambs must adapt to grain and this doesn’t happen overnight.

Waller provides the following tips:

  • Don’t vaccination with 3 in 1 or 6 in 1 today and put lambs onto full ration the next day (vaccines take time to work). Do all this at
    least 10 days before introduction into a feedlot.
  • Take 2 weeks to put onto grain, starting at 200 grams/hd/day and adjust by 50g/hd/day.
  • Use a composite premix that contains buggers
  • Use a liquid mineral fortifier in first few weeks
  • Shade and shelter
  • Observation is key
  • If there is a death, investigate it
  • Background and imprint.
2010 - Australia - Compass Feeds - Ross Waller
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