Lamb growth rates and optimizing production

Emily Gascoigne and Fiona Lovatt - In Practice

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Knowledge level: Introductory

Farm Table says:

An excellent paper that offers a lot of information and step by step instructions on how you can better manage, understand and measure lamb growth rates to improve your enterprise. Written by two very professional and passionate veterinarians.

What is the paper reviewing?

The need to understand and measure lamb growth rates, to maximise profitability and better manage the flock and enterprise overall.

Why should you read it?

This paper gives an excellent overview on how you can go about measuring lamb growth weights, giving detailed information. It also contains ‘break out’ boxes, which offer easily digestible how to’s on different aspects of lamb growth, like nutrition and how to investigate poor growth rates. A summary of diseases that affect growth rates is also presented. The paper is from the UK, but use data from other regions, giving it the potential to be applicable in your own system.

The paper offers information on all life and management stages of lambs, from prenatal growth, to weaning.

2015 - United Kingdom - Emily Gascoigne and Fiona Lovatt - In Practice
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