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Bass Coast

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Farm Table says:

Handy land management template from Bass Coast. One of the few we have found.

Farm planning, whole farm planning, and property planning are terms used to denote a process of land use planning in which natural properties (and hazards of use) of a farm are assessed. The farm enterprises and management are then designed to match the land’s potential and limitations.

Bass Coast have developed a Fact Sheet (PDF 291kb) and a Land Management Plan Template (PDF 196kb).

The template includes:

  • Summary of land management issues – erosion, salinity, pest plants and animals, wet areas, soil types, remnant vegetation, water courses
  • Description of how the land management issues will be addressed
  • Revegetation and Remnant Protection Projects
  • Revegetation Species List
  • Weed Control
  • Pest Animal Control
  • Erosion Amelioration Measures
  • Salinity Amelioration Measures
  • Acid Soil Amelioration Measures
  • Water – Fencing off or protecting all water resources
  • Property Management Planning – Proposed Farm Improvements
2009 - Australia - Bass Coast
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