Leadership and Management of Farm Businesses

James C Hanson, Dale M Johnson - University of Maryland

Type: Factsheet
Knowledge level: Intermediate

Farm Table says:

Understanding how leadership and management skills differ is essential for farmers and anyone in business

This fact sheet produced by Maryland Co-operative Extension looks at Leadership and Management of Farm Businesses.

It opens with a quote from Anon:

“Efficient management without effective leadership is like trying to straighten deck chairs on the Titanic”

In most farm operations a single owner/operator must carry out the responsibilities of both leadership and management.  However, it is still useful for farmers to distinguish between the two roles.

The key sections include:

  • diagram showing the many areas that leadership and management skills are applicable
  • diagram showing the important tools for effective leadership and management
  • diagram showing characteristics of leaders and managers

In conclusion, the successful farmers of the future will possess both leadership and management skills.


United States - James C Hanson, Dale M Johnson - University of Maryland
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