Length of Mating Period Tool

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What is the problem?

To estimate and assess the impacts of increasing or decreasing the length of the mating period to the herd reproductive performance, this gap calculator tool is helpful for effective and reliable results.

What did the research involve?

It involved the purpose of this gap calculator tool and the specific formulas in attaining the results so that it can help the farmers for maintenance, development, or reestablishment purposes.

What were the key findings?

  • this tool helps the farmers to produce an expected herd’s not-in-calf rate for the current length of the mating period and compares it with an alternative period. The tool then allows the farmers to assess the financial benefits of improved herd reproductive performance from increasing or reducing the length of the mating period

Step 1: Measure

  • calculate and fill the current length of the mating period (A)

Step 2: Identify the gap

  • the gap between the alternative length mating period in weeks (B) and the herd’s current mating length period in weeks (A) is determined
    formula: B – A = C (Gap)

Step 3: Assess the benefits

  • estimate the potential effect of closing the gap on herd reproductive performance

1. from the InCalf Fertility Focus report or the estimated 6-week in-calf rate based on historical data, the 6-week in-calf rate is determined as (D)
2. the expected not-in-calf rate for the current mating period (E), the expected not-in-calf rate for an alternative mating period of weeks (F), and the expected change in not-in-calf rate (F – E = G) are also estimated

  • determine the likely economic benefits of overall reproductive performance from closing the gap.
    Closing the not-in-calf rate ‘gap’ worth formula is: Gap (G) X **$10 X cows in herd = (Gap close)

Step 4: Develop and implement a strategy

  • developing an effective farm strategy can be done with the help of an adviser. Meanwhile, if increasing or reducing the length of the mating period is taken into consideration to acquire various benefits, it is helpful to be informed and guided by relevant farm strategy books

Final comment

Mating periods of herd don’t have a fixed duration. It depends on several factors as long as it accesses the suitability of the livestock’s productivity and profitability. However, the best alternative mating period should be thoroughly taken into consideration and appropriate discernment.

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