Live Animal Assessment and Market Specifications

Objective Livestock Marketing Pty Ltd - Andrew Wilkie, Young Beef Producers Forum, Roma

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Learn how to assess cattle and breed to market specifications with this easy to read guide!

This article looks at assessing a cattle business by understanding how a business fits in with specific selling methods, how you can target your livestock to meet market specifications and how to maximize returns.

The items covered in this article were:

• Market specifications

• Targeting specific markets

• How to assess your beef business

• Assessing your livestock on farm

• Review performance

Key points were as follows:

• Market specifications for store cattle where all types of cattle can be sold at auction for a dollar ($) amount per head or dollars ($) per kilogram, depending on the type of cattle auction being undertaken.

• Direct store markets have age, breed, weight and export restrictions.

• Market specifications for slaughter cattle have age, weight, fat score and some export restrictions.

• How to undertake live animal assessments on farm, including live weight, dressing percentage (%), dentition and fat coverage.

• Review feedback sheets from processors to better understand your performance and to make future improvements.

This article concludes that a beef cattle business can target specific markets by breeding cattle to meet those specifications. By continually reviewing the cattle’s performance after processing, will enhance your knowledge and provide information to make herd improvements in the future.

2010 - Australia - Objective Livestock Marketing Pty Ltd - Andrew Wilkie, Young Beef Producers Forum, Roma
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