Livestock Gross Margins – High Rainfall

Tasmanian Government

Type: Excel
Knowledge level: Intermediate

Farm Table says:

Assists in determining returns from a range of livestock enterprises including breeding cows, cattle trading, dairy heifer agistment, prime lambs and lamb finishing. Data is Tasmania high-rainfall relevant. Also looks at t DM/Ha needed under different livestock enterprise scenarios.

These livestock gross margin templates have been developed by Macquarie Franklin and the data is relevant for high rainfall district of Tasmania.

The spreadsheets include:

  • Breeding Cows – calves sold as stores
  • Breeding Cows – calves sold at 19-21 months
  • Beef Trading
  • Dairy heifer agistment (30% irrigated)
  • Prime lamb ewes
  • Finishing store lambs (irrigated)
2017 - Australia - Tasmanian Government
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