Management of Beef Breeding Cows

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Farm Table says:

Helpful article on beef breeding, calving patterns and nutrition for breeding cows. I was surprised to learn that some enterprises allow calving all year round, whilst others only calve for a 3 month period.

This article looks into management aspects of beef breeding cows, the importance of nutrition and the best time of year for calving. Whilst this article is based in Victoria, the theory and management aspects can be related to any area.

The items covered in this article are:

• Timing of calving

• Tight calving pattern or spread out calving pattern?

• Nutrition

• Condition scoring

Key points were as follows:

• Calving patterns quite commonly occur during late autumn and early winter as feed quality is generally quite good during this period. However, some producers who are able to use irrigation and have quality pastures year round may choose to time calving patterns to a different time of year.

• Enterprises vary but most cows are joined with a bull for a 12 week/3 month period to ensure cows aren’t calving all year round. This enables tasks such as calf marking, tagging and weaning to be done consecutively rather than be an ongoing task all year.

• Nutrition can be a factor in joining rates of cows, under weight or overly fat cows may not join and calve as easy as the cows in between.

• Condition scoring can be a handy aid in managing cows. You can access the condition scoring table by clicking on the following link:

Australia - Agriculture Victoria
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