Management of Bulls at Mating

Agriculture Victoria - Bruce Knee, Hamilton

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Helpful article on the management of bulls prior to mating. Interesting to learn that well grown bulls at 15 months old can be used to join up to 20 heifers.

This article discusses the management of bulls at mating, health issues to be aware of and how to make the most from your bull this year.

The items covered in this article are:

  • Best management of bulls
  • Bull health management
  • Bull soundness

Key points were as follows:

  • The most effective management of bulls is to have tight joining and calving patterns which allows producers to be more effective with tagging, castrating, vaccinating, drenching and weaning of calves. It also allows the producer to have consistency in size and weights of calves/weaners which is beneficial in marketing them when the time comes.
  • Health conditions that beef producers should be aware of are worms, clostridial diseases and vibriosis.
  • Two other things to be mindful of is 1) the soundness of a bull prior to mating and 2) ensuring the bull is in a fit condition to do the job.
  • Its important to run bulls of the same age together as they are less likely to fight and become injured. Paddocking older and younger bulls together will result in bulls fighting and injury.
2006 - Australia - Agriculture Victoria - Bruce Knee, Hamilton
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