Managing Chickpea Diseases After The Drought

GRDC - Kevin Moore, Steve Harden, Kristy Hobson and Sean Bithell (NSW DPI)

Type: Research Paper
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Farm Table says:

The authors of this paper note in the conclusion: “We conclude from this experiment that efficacies of chickpea Ascochyta fungicides Veritas and Aviator Xpro with a 2 hour dry period after spraying and prior to rain occurring, are not affected by simulated rainfall of 50mm in approximately 75min or 100mm in approximately 150min.  As such intensities are uncommon during chickpea seasons in areas of Australia where Ascochyta occurs, it is reasonable for growers to be confident that once these fungicides have dried on plant tissues, those tissues will remain protected”.   Please access the full paper via the link below if this research interests you.

The take home messages from this GRDC funded research are below. Please access the full paper via the link below for methodology, references, acknowledgements and discussion.

Take home messages from the paper include:

  • Do not underestimate disease risks after a drought – pathogens survive longer and can still threaten your 2020 chickpea crops
  • Unless you are in a high risk Ascochyta situation, it is unlikely there will be a cost benefit applying a foliar fungicide to 2020 crops until after the disease is detected
  • However, if you are at a high risk of Ascochyta, apply a foliar fungicide before the first post emergent rain event
  • High risk situations include planting into paddocks with active Ascochyta inoculum and planting seed that has not been properly treated
  • Recent research has shown the Ascochyta fungicides Aviator® Xpro and Veritas® are rain fast (up to 100 mm rain in 150 minutes)
  • Phytophthora and Sclerotinia levels will not have declined much during the drought and pose a medium to high risk in 2020
  • Root Lesion Nematodes may have declined during the drought but if numbers at the start of the drought exceeded 10/g soil, it may still be sufficient to cause damage in 2020 chickpea crops.
2020 - Australia - GRDC - Kevin Moore, Steve Harden, Kristy Hobson and Sean Bithell (NSW DPI)
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