Managing Dairy Bulls


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Reading this webpage and working through DairyNZ's Bull Management Practices Tool will provide you with both knowledge and best practice techniques to help you manage your bulls in ways that reduce stress, minimise the risk of injury to animals and people, and increase reproductive performance as a result.

This webpage was produced by DairyNZ and explores bull management in dairy herds.  Managing bulls properly can have a positive effect on in-calf rates, so it is an important part of reproduction if natural mating systems are employed.  The webpage contains information on choosing the right bull for the herd and managing bulls (including youngstock) on-farm between matings and during mating.

Key sections include:

  • The right number of bulls;
  • Bull selection;
  • Management during mating; and
  • Reviewing bull mating performance.

It also includes a table showing the minimum number of bulls required for different herd sizes with varying likelihoods of herd pregnancy rates at the start of bull mating, with the highest number of bulls being required in a large herd with low pregnancy rates at the start of bull mating.

In conclusion, this webpage provides you with ways to manage your dairy bulls as an important part of managing the herd for reproductive performance, keeping safety in mind at all times.

2018 - New Zealand - DairyNZ
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