Managing Fodder Prices for Droughts


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Farm Table says:

The simple financial provision for drought may not be sufficient if you cannot access fodder when required. This guide will go someway to helping you be prepared.


A sheep producer’s guide

This guide looks at the information available to sheep producers on practical aspects of drought management including feeding rates, the introduction of feed, feed quality and animal requirements, and practical advice on frequency and methods of feeding.

It focuses on strategies which will assist sheep producers in managing fodder price and supply risks during droughts.

The key sections are:

  • on-farm fodder requirements
  • approach to drought fodder supply
  • options for managing fodder supply and price risks
  • locking into prices – forward contracts and futures
  • decision points for producers
  • cost of storing fodder
  • opportunity costs
  • storage infrastructure costs
  • additional storage costs
  • fodder type
  • let’s look at an example
  • putting it all together

In conclusion, the guide states that the actual system used should and will vary, with sheep producers deciding which system is most suitable for their enterprise.

2013 - Australia - AWI
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