Manual of designs for the handling and slaughter of cattle, sheep and goats


Type: Manual
Knowledge level: Intermediate

This manual, produced by LiveCorp and Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), provides advice to inform decisions about the design and construction of livestock handling, yarding and slaughter infrastructure.

The areas outlined in this manual are:

  • Sire selection
  • Construction materials
  • Abattoir lairage
  • Cattle and buffalo planning
  • Port infrastructure and equipment
  • Unloading ramps at feedlots and abattoirs
  • Feedlot design
  • Abattoir/feedlot races and laneways
  • A cattle feedlot herringbone pen gate system
  • Cattle panel and gate
  • A bud Box forcing pen
  • Cattle drafting systems
  • Entering the restraining box
  • Restraint box with head restraint for stunning boxes
  • Cattle water and feed troughs
  • Simultaneously processing ESCAS and non-ESCAS cattle
  • Cattle transport designs
  • Cattle pen density guides for transport, feedlot and lairage
  • Sheep and goats
  • Building yards for sheep and goats
  • Sheep and goat yard panels
  • Sheep and goat drafting systems
2018 - Australia - LiveCorp
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