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Farm Table says:

Delving into this information you may be surprised by what you find out and how it will make you think differently about tricky situations you face regularly in your business.

Problem solving is arguably one of the most important skills required in the agricultural game. Each day people are faced with challenges that require a process in which to reach appropriate outcomes. Although this usually happens quite naturally, it’s interesting to look at the nuts and bolts and also some practical tools to help if your usual approach falls short.

MindTools have covered the following areas;

  • What is problem solving?
  • How good is your problem solving?
  • Avoiding Logical Fallacies
  • General Problem-Solving Tools
  • Problem-Solving Approaches
  • Finding the Cause of a Problem
  • Improving Business Processes
  • Diagram-Based Tools


2017 - United Kingdom - MindTools
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