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Farm Table says:

It's a challenge to work in, or manage a team that isn't united, let alone if it's dysfunctional. There is so much practical advice and tools on this page to help you get the most out of your team.

Farming can be considered quite an independent work environment, but we are seeing more businesses taking on multiple staff for a range of reasons. There is a significant difference between running a place with just a couple of people to building a team with varied roles but with the same goal of effectively achieving key objectives.

The MindTools online toolkit covers key concepts of team management including;

  • Improving Team Effectiveness
  • Team Dynamics
  • Team Building Activities
  • Effective Recruitment
  • Developing Your Team
  • Coaching Your Team
  • Motivating Your Team
  • Rewarding and Engaging People
  • Performance Management
  • Delegating Effectively
  • Managing Different Groups of Workers
  • Managing Different Types of Teams
  • Managing Around the World
  • Difficult Management Situations
  • Historical Management Theories

The information provided will help you learn more about team work and the dynamics that can make a big difference to work performance.

2017 - United Kingdom - MindTools
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