Minimising risks of sorghum

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Sorghum has the capability to cause cyanide and nitrate poisoning. This article focuses on:

  • Minimising the Risk of Cyanide Poisoning
  • Minimising the Risk of Nitrate Poisoning
  • Treatments for Cyanide and Nitrate Poisoning

The summary of key points includes:

  • Select a safe variety of sorghum for grazing.
  • Avoid grazing plants under 45 cm for short and 65 for tall varieties.
  • Avoid grazing stressed plants or fresh growth shortly after the plant has been stressed.
  • Avoid putting hungry stock onto sorghum. Make sure stock have plenty of roughage prior to grazing sorghum.
  • Provide stock with a source of sulphur. (Salt block with 10% sulphur).
  • Monitor stock closely during the first 2 hrs and then keep a close eye on stock for next 48 hrs.
  • Always test sorghum silage for nitrate and cyanide levels.
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