Mycoplasma bovis in Australia

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The factsheets included at the bottom of this webpage are a wealth of information about Mycoplasma bovis, and are definitely worth a read if you want a more in-depth understanding of the disease.

This webpage, produced by Dairy Australia, provides information on Mycoplasma bovis (M. bovis), a bacterial disease that can lead to serious health conditions in cattle and create an animal welfare and productivity issues.  It contains brief background information about the disease’s presence in Australia and how to keep it out as well as links to additional resources about M. bovis.

It also links through to two detailed fact sheets:

  • M. bovis in dairy herds; and
  • What are the keys to the prevention and control of M. bovis in dairy herds?

The first factsheet describes the signs and diagnosis, disease spread, treatment and management, and how to protect your herd from M. bovis.  The second factsheet utilises scientific research to describe the disease in much higher detail, including culture testing and serology, phases of an outbreak, mitigating risks on purchase of animals and methods of transmission.

In conclusion, this webpage will give you a thorough understanding of M. bovis, and the prevention, identification and management of the disease in Australia.

2018 - Australia - Dairy Australia
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