Mycoplasma bovis


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Whilst the New Zealand Government announced an eradication program for Mycoplasma bovis in May 2018, there is no known effect on milk or meat for human consumption.  It's not a notifiable disease in Australia, however the serious harm it can cause the herd mean that it's a disease worth knowing about.

This webpage, produced by DairyNZ, provides information on Mycoplasma bovis (M. bovis)a bacterial disease that can lead to serious health conditions in cattle and create an animal welfare and productivity issues.  It contains links to additional resources to assist in informing producers on minimising the risk of contamination and management as well as posters showing signs of infection to watch for.

Key sections of the webpage include:

  • What is M. bovis?;
  • How does M. bovis affect cows?;
  • Acidifying milk with citric acid to kill M. bovis;
  • Precautions to take during calving;
  • Protecting your farm and animals;

It also contains two short videos with industry experts explaining the essential information about M. bovis and a podcast on eradicating and keeping your farm free of the disease.

In conclusion, this webpage is a great place to start to get a broad understanding of M. bovis, how it can affect your farm and your cows, and how to eradicate it.

2018 - New Zealand - DairyNZ
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