National Livestock Identification System (NILS)

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NILS is the national Australian system for tracking and identifying livestock including cattle, sheep, and goats. Key elements are Animal Identification, Property Identification and Buyin, Selling and Moving Livestock.

Each animal is tagged with an electronic or visual ear device with the Property Identification Code allowing location data to be recorded on a central database.

NLIS is endorsed by major producers, feedlots, agents, sale yards, and meat processor bodies. It is supported by State and Territory legislation, which forms the regulatory framework for the system, NLIS Ltd is ISO9001 certified.

Documenting the movement of livestock through selling, buying, and agistment helps to ensure traceability throughout the supply chain, contribute to biosecurity and meet food safety standards.

If you are a livestock producer you can set up an account and start registering your animals on this database and follow the links to contact your state or territory department of agriculture to order your tags.

Visit this website for information on animal tagging requirements.


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