New Brassica a Palatable Option for Farmers

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This article covers a new brassica variety, a palatable option for farmers in the Western Districts VIC. Interesting to read that "Stock acceptance of Mainstar forage rape has been outstanding. This improved acceptance, due to increased palatability, has resulted in animals producing more meat, wool or milk."


This article looks at Mainstar forage rape, a new brassica variety that is a palatable option for farmers in the Western Districts of Victoria.

“In its first season of performance, Mainstar has been defined by very leafy, highly palatable crops with excellent regrowth potential. It has also shown better tolerance to aphid attack and Rutherglen bug compared to other brassicas on the same farms and in grazing demonstrations.

Mainstar has very high levels of edible dry matter and when Mainstar is grazed hard, the plants have the ability to recover and provide strong regrowth for multiple grazing’s, a valuable trait for our farming systems.”

2017 - Australia - Michael Grant - Stephen Pasture Seeds - Auswest Seeds
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