Norco: Co-operative Business Model Case Study

University of Southern Queensland - Norco

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Knowledge level: Intermediate

This case study from University of Southern Queensland focuses on the following:

  1. Introducing Norco
  2. The Norco story
  3. Purpose and strategy
  4. How Norco works
  5. Norco Business Model
  6. Branding, marketing and distribution: Providing members with access markets and better prices
  7. Governance: Taking care of Norco’s assets
  8. A culture that values people: Engagement with members, community and employees
  9. Member benefits and payments: More than just the price of milk
  10. Managing Norco’s growth
  11. Business structure and geographical footprint
  12. Membership and capital base
  13. Future growth opportunities and challenges
  14. Five key lessons from Norco’s experience

“[T]here seems to be one overwhelming point of difference about the co-operative that has transcended through time and the generations of people involved in the business and which almost gives Norco a heartbeat. There is an acknowledgement that each generation is simply the custodian of the co-operative’s substantial assets that have been built up over time and there is a communal sense of responsibility that these assets need to be passed on to the next generation in an even better condition than that in which they were received – to ensure the continued future of Norco.” Norco 2015 Annual Report.

2013 - Australia - University of Southern Queensland - Norco
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