North East Victoria, South West Slopes NSW, South West Victoria (Upper) – Industry Benchmarks & Livestock Issues

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Farm Table says:

Data is from 2014, but may be intersting to people who fall in high rainfall categorry and have beef and lamb enterprises.

This webpage provides benchmarking data relevant to North East Victoria, South West Slopes NSW, South West Victoria (Upper) regions. The regions are similar in that rainfall (and reliability of) is generally less than the South West Vic (Lower) region.  Sheep are the predominant grazing enterprise in the cropping and improved pasture zones, and cattle in the less arable country.

The resource provides the following benchmarks (top 20%):

Whole farm analysis – South West Victoria

  • Area (ha): 923
  • Annual rainfall (mm): 691
  • Stocking rate (DSE/ha):18
  • Stocking rate (DSE/ha/100 mm rainfall): 2.7
  • Labour efficiency (DSE/labour unit): 8,612
  • Operating profit ($/ha): 372
  • Return to assets (%): 7.9

Whole farm analysis – North East Victoria

  • Area (ha):1,278
  • Annual rainfall (mm): 649
  • Stocking rate (DSE/ha):10.9
  • Stocking rate (DSE/ha/100 mm rainfall): 1.6
  • Labour efficiency (DSE/labour unit): 6,424
  • Operating profit ($/ha): 220
  • Return to assets (%): 5.5

There is also data for wool, prime lambs and beef enterprises and a discussion on stocking rate potential.

A summary of the analysis shows the most profitable farms:

  • Run a higher stocking rate
  • Apply more fertilizer
  • Run more stock per labour unit
  • Achieve these without an increase in operating costs

The key livestock and pasture issues for these areas are:

  • Improve soil fertility
  • Improve pasture production and length of growing season with the right perennials
  • Match the feed demand from the livestock to the feed supply (from the pasture)
2014 - Australia - EverGraze - J.Court
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