Nozzle selection for boom, band and shielded spraying

Type: Guide
Knowledge level: Advanced

This “Back Pocket Guide” was produced by GRDC in 2016.

The key sections, calculations and diagrams include:

  • Information on Nozzle selection  – which should be based on flow rate, spray quality, fan angle and nozzle type
  • Nozzle types commonly used in grain production
  • Spray patterns
  • Nozzle angle and height above the target
  • Steps to selecting appropriate nozzles using manufacturer’s spray charts
  • Nozzle flow chart and application rates (L/ha) at various speeds
  • Are you likely to spend much of your spraying time below the minimum speed?
  • Examples of spray quality charts for various nozzle types
  • How many sets of nozzles are needed to cover most jobs?
  • Suggested spray quality and application volumes for most broadacre applications
  • Nozzle selection – calculations for different set-ups
  • Selecting nozzles for banded applications and shielded sprayers
  • Determining the required flow rate (L/min/nozzle) to select nozzle size and pressure for a shield or band
  • Determining application and mixing rates (L/sprayed ha) for shields and bands
  • What to put In the rate controller (L/paddock ha) for banded or shielded spraying
  •  Matching rates for full shields and guess row shields (where fitted)
  • Sprayer checks and calibration
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