Nutrition of the Beef Cow Post-weaning (Through to 4-6 weeks Pre-Calving)

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Farm Table says:

Important information about feeding cattle according to tvariables and avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach.

What is the problem?

To implement efficiency in productivity and profitability of beef cow-breeding herds, a management strategy should be also carried out.

To help the farmers, this fact sheet entailed several information about the advantages of putting all efforts in the nutrition of the beef cow post weaning through pre-calving.

What did the research involve?

It involved citations of how prior farmers succeed in their several management strategies in keeping beef cow-breeding herds that can help the current farmers with the same concerns.

What were the key findings?

● Due to the flexibility in the feed of grazing beef cows, they provide benefits such as assisting the pasture quality management.

● Beef-weaning generally occurs at five to seven months of age. This results to five months of low priority stock as they consume rank pasture and controlling shrub regrowth. In the meantime, other classes of livestock are prioritized.

● Restricting cow intakes during winter that results to around 10% loss of their weight can increase longevity and do not reduce the performance. However, this advantage can only be acquired if nutritional requirements are met in the pre and post-calving periods. The lost weight must be regained.

● Rotationally grazing the cows behind the ewes in a winter rotation enables the lowered cow intakes and feed budgeting. As a result, it amplifies the overall feed efficiency and profitability.

● Cows are prohibited to acquire a condition score greater than 3.5 out 5 during calving because they can be susceptible to calving difficulties and metabolic diseases, particularly the fat cows.

Final comment

To acquire the provision of several benefits from grazing beef cows, a proper feed management must always be dealt in and thoroughly considered. The feeding priority of weaning beef calves must have an accurate measurement of the period. Meanwhile, cows that have restrictions for intake during winter season don’t have the same standards within all types of cows. Fat cows should not be rapidly carried out to this because the sudden severe intake restrictions might cause them hypomagnesemia.

2013 - New Zealand - Beef + Lamb NZ
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