Nutritional Management of the Dairy Herd

Subtropical Dairy Program Limited

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Farm Table says:

Whilst this collection of fact sheets skim the surface of information available on dairy nutrition, each one contains well-organised and easy-to-read information that's a great starting point to improving your herd's performance.

This site, produced by DairyBiz, provides a series of links to fact sheets produced by the Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

The fact sheets cover a series of topics, including:

  • Feed additives during summer;
  • Feeding for higher milk protein percentage;
  • Nutrition and milk fat percentage;
  • Dry cow feeding;
  • Springer and transition cow management;
  • Heat stress and nutrition;
  • Conserved forage (silage);
  • Feed requirements and forage quality in subtropical Australia.

The fact sheets, whilst varied in content, all contain summarised information with plenty of key metrics, indicators of inadequate nutrient management and methods to overcome such issues, and recommendations to obtain the best performance in your herd.

By reading these fact sheets, you’ll be able to obtain a great overview on nutritional management of dairy cows.

2014 - Australia - Subtropical Dairy Program Limited
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