Opportunity Lot Feeding

Agriculture Victoria - Rick Seirer, Rutherglen

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Useful article on weighing up the pro's and con's of opportunity lot feeding. Interesting to learn that rolling grains can increase their digestibility by up to 25%.

This article covers opportunity lot feeding which can assist producers in making the most of markets such as fat sales without the commitment of a feedlot all year round.

The items covered in this article are:

  • Opportunity lot feeding.
  • Is it worth the risk?
  • Setting up the feedlot.
  • Feed and feeding frequency.

Key points were as follows:

  • Opportunity lot feeding gives producers the incentive to feedlot cattle in the short-term to make the most of market conditions.
  • Before you decide to opportunity lot feed, carefully budget costs to ensure a profit will be made, not a loss.
  • Weighing cattle before, during and after lot feeding is essential to ensure weight gain is on target.
  • Cattle should be fed daily, have access to clean drinking water and shelter from the sun and wind.
  • Feed troughs or bunks should be set up in the feedlot yard/s with enough space for cattle to eat when they want to, allow 5m of clearance per head.
  • All feed mixes should include grain, roughage, protein concentrate and minerals/vitamins.
1995 - Australia - Agriculture Victoria - Rick Seirer, Rutherglen
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