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Knowledge level: Introductory

Farm Table says:

Acres and lbs based,but helps to work out the cost difference between conventional,transition and certified organic. Prefill options available.

What is the problem?

Documentation before applying for an organic certification through an Organic certifier is necessary for an effective crop conversion calculation. This section entailed how the farmers can access to this online course.

What did the research involve?

It introduced the starting stage and some clarifications for the registered users and to those who are interested in applying this organic certification.

What were the key findings?

  • An Organic System Plan is made up of following elements: an Organic Farm Plan; an Organic Livestock Plan; and an Organic Handling Plan. Each of these plans has corresponding components divided into sections that are needed to be filled. After completing these, the results can be printed and submitted together with the Organic Certifier. Updates are available for the next years with the use of Farm Plan Update Tool. This tool will provide the renewal questionnaires request information about changes annually
  • A registered user of this online course can directly log in to his/her account and commence the fill up while the unregistered ones, the Demo area is available before getting started.
  • For a better idea of the complete Organic System Plan outline, the Earnest Gardener’s Cold Comfort Farm, Arkie and Suzi Wannabee’s Wannabe Organic Farm, and George and Helga Schuetz’s Macht Nichts Farm are the three imaginary organic farms intended to provide sample forms or documents.
  • Before getting the ball rolling, a choice among the forms that are needed to be work on the left-side lists must be done. This includes Organic Farm Plan, Farm Plan Update, Organic Livestock Plan, and Organic Handling Plan. Then, click the “Create New” from the menu, enter the name, and get started.

Final comment

Farmers who are already introduced to this Organic online course but want to be more and completely informed of this procedure and to the ones who are not familiar with this, a Certification section can be accessible within opening the online course.

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