Organic Wheat Farming Improves Grain Zinc Concentration

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Farm Table says:

Some interesting research out of India that found organic wheat production increases zinc in the grain, but not in the soil, when compared to conventional farming.

Zinc has been identified that increasing soil availability and grain zinc concentration in wheat can help to alleviate health problems and may increase agricultural yields. But, do organically grown cereals contain a higher concentration of zinc?

This study, conducted in India, compared organic and conventional wheat cropping systems with respect to extractable Zinc as a proxy for available Zn, yield and grain Zn concentrated. Soils and wheat grain samples were analysed from 30 organic and 30 conventional farms.

Organic farming has been shown to increase higher organic matter content and higher biological activity, however, crop yields are generally lower.

Results from the study suggest that organic wheat contained more Zn than conventional wheat. Also, the hypothesis that there are lower yields with organic systems was not supported.

However, the soils of organic cropping did not have higher levels of DTPA-extractable zinc.

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