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Conscious consumers driving demand for pastured eggs as farmers struggle to keep up (ABC Rural, 1 September 2017)

  • Watheroo, Western Australia – Robyn and Lindsay Cousins
  • Sheep and grain farmers
  • Purchased 100 day-old chickens and began producing eggs
  • Live in mobile homes with stocking density of less than 50 birds per hectare.
  • Now have 2,400 chickens, producing more than 6,000 eggs per week
  • Demand strong enough to have 4,000 hens
  • Sell under IGA’s Good Grocer Brand and direct to Perth, regional cafes and restaurants.
  • “It’s given us some cashflow. In farming, we generally just get paid at the end of the year, or after shearing, or after we sell sheep, whereas [with] the hens, we have to sell their eggs daily. We’re generating an income at the moment, but it’s still going back into [the farm] because we’re building the sheds but absolutely, it will be a nice addition to the broadacre farm.”

The ‘open range’ chicken farm from where a dozen eggs sell for $15 (Sydney Morning Herald, 11 August 2017)

  • Mark Killeen – Merriwa
  • Uses buses converted into mobile chicken coops
  • From one caravan and 50 chickens to 4,000 birds on the property
  • Freight to Sydney, delivered to outlets in Newcastle and local IGA supermarket.
  • “It’s nice to close the gap between the people who eat the tucker and those who produce it”

New-age beef graziers: The chook farmer (Good Food, 13 Nov 2013)

  • Started using chooks instead of inputs to improve soil on cattle farm
  • Converted a caravan for chooks to roost in. Sold in local butchers
  • Outlets in supermarkets and shops in Wagga, a market in Canberra and distribute to Melbourne and Sydney
  • 2013 – from flock of 5,500 hens, collect 4,500 eggs daily – sell on average $7/dozen
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