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  • Maravista Farm -250ha services Noosa Restaurants and cafes. More than 20,000 macadamia trees, 3 vegetable plots, 60 citrus tress, honey production, small Ultra Black cattle herd.
  • Organic vegetable, flower and herb project.
  • Requests from chefs including borage flowers.

Glencoe Farms: Kerang paddock-to-plate venture relishes the tomato source (The Weekly Times, 13 September 2017)

  • 304ha property in Northern Victoria
  • Developed range of gourmet pastas, pasta sources and vegan jerky.
  • Started by selling fresh fruit in boxes to farmers markets but came up against supply constraints
  • Supplies product to 10 farmers markets and over 40 small deli-type stores across Victoria and NSW. Aim to sell 30-50 jars of sauce at each market.

IN GOOD COMPANY: Cobram Estate’s CEO says he’s ‘just a farmer’, but is making some of the world’s best olive oils (Business Insider Australia, 18 May 2015)

  • Established the grow in 1998 with an initial planting of 200 hectares
  • Now one of worlds biggest single olive estates – 1.5m tress on 3000 hectares at Boundary Bend. Another 2,800ha and 1m trees northwest of Bendigo.
  • “We just set out to be farmers. We weren’t marketers, we weren’t even producers of high quality food.”
  • Company produced 15 peer-reviewed research papers focused on the challenges they faced to develop a competitive advantage
  • “The number one lesson, as my dad always used to say, is there’s only one way to go broke – spend more than you earn. Ensuring that your great brilliance and ideas can be funded is essential, because quite often it’s the cash flow crunch that ends that dream.”
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