Plant Nutrient Requirements

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Farm Table says:

This chapter looks at the need for plants to have nutrients for normal growth. These must be in a form useable by the plants and in concentrations that allow optimum plant growth.

This webpage is Chapter 3 of the Fert$mart programme created by Dairy Australia and looks at plant nutrient requirements.

It highlights

  • why we need fertilisers
  • which nutrients are essential
  • how nutrients become available to plants
  • and which nutrients can cause animal health problems if not correctly balanced in the soil.

The key sections include:

  • Why do we need fertilisers?
  • The essential plant nutrients
  • The major nutrients or macronutrients
  • Minor nutrients or trace elements

In conclusion, many Australian soils are of low fertility, and improved pasture species require a higher level of soil fertility than do native pastures. Fertilisers are necessary to overcome the soil’s inherent nutrient deficiencies and to replace the nutrients that are lost or removed through crop and pasture production. Without fertiliser applications soils can become depleted in a dairy farming system.

updated 2017 - Australia - Dairy Australia - Fert$mart
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