Portable Sheep Yards Mesh Rails

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Farm Table says:

Which set of portable sheepyards are the best?  This paper looks at the fact that it is a personal choice and very much depends on your requirements

What is the problem?

This paper composes the different types of portable sheep yards namely

  • McKenzie sheep yards
  • McShane-Weldmesh sheep yards
  • “Portayard” towable sheep yards
  • Prattley mobile sheep yards,
  • and Steer portable sheep yards.

It determines how these five sheep yards differentiate and affiliates with each other.

What did the research involve?

It involved the classification of the construction, features, suggested price, manufacturer, and distributors among the five set of portable sheep yards.

What were the key findings?

● In construction, the panels of both McShane-Weldmesh sheep yards and Steer portable sheep yards use galvanized pipes. While McKenzie sheep yards use horizontal pipe rails, “Portayard” towable sheep yards use steel pipes in the galvanized welded mesh covering, and Prattley mobile sheep yards’ steel panels are covered with chain wire mesh.

● The five portable sheep yards completely differentiate in their features. Each McKenzie panels is 3050mm long and it can hold 250 to 550 sheep. Meanwhile, every 52 McShane-Weldmesh panels are 1860 mm long and it can hold up to 2,000 sheep. On the other hand, each 16 “Portayard” panels is 1820mm. While the 12 panels of Prattley are 1520mm each and it holds 100 to 200 sheep. Lastly, the 2440mm standard panels of Steer can hold several thousand sheep.

● Each of its prices varies if totaled. McKenzie’s 12-panel set costs $1,490 while the 30-panel set is $2,310, McShane-Weldmesh costs $4,100, “Portayard” costs $1,575, Prattley costs $2,065 and Steer costs $9,723 with an additional price in application.

● The five portable sheep yards also differs within their engineering manufacturers and corresponding distributors.

Final Comment

The key findings mentioned are just some of the paper’s total composition.

Regardless of the fact that these five portable sheep yards are very much dissimilar to each other, it is unquestionable that it brings forth multiple and varied benefits to their users and operators.

Delving into the depth of a specific portable yard must be taken into consideration to give satisfaction and avoid regrets that may be stemmed from one’s type of properties, area or any other circumstances.

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