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Precision Technology

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In the Precision Vision Podcast, hosts Craig Houin and Morgan Seger discuss the relevant precision technology in the agriculture industry as well as introduce and evaluate new tech as it arrives on the scene. With the help of industry leaders, Craig and Morgan will also walk through the best practices of these ag tech tools to help optimize growers’ economic return.

Previous episodes include:

  • @YourEconProf – Part 1  – conversation with Matt Roberts, former econ professor at the Ohio State University, founder of The Kernmantle Group, and nationally renowned expert and speaker on the grain and energy markets as he discusses food labelling, Mazda Miatas and how key noted can be taken out of context.
  • @YourEconProf: Part 2 – we dive into creating a tactical marketing plan to help manage against the variability of this growing season.
  • Info on InfoAg – Today we’re joined by Josh Snyder and Kalen Kelly, Sunrise Precision Solutions Specialists, as they recap the InfoAg Conference. The InfoAg Conference is the longest running precision agriculture technology event in the U.S., with over 100 exhibitors and displays focused on precision technology products and services currently available or in production.
  • Ahead of the Curve – We talk with Brittany Ullrich of Winfield United on her recent win of the 2019 Precision Ag Award of Excellence, mentorship and where she sees Ag Tech moving in the future.
  • From Super User to Super Cool – From super user to super cool, Shaun VanDeurzen, Ag Technology Project Manager with WinField United, walks through how he manages a global project with multiple companies, as he pulls back the curtain on how ag tech tools are developed and maintained
  • Threat Multipliers – Extreme Climate Impact – Join Morgan and Craig as they recap the Climate Smart session from the Ohio State University, on topics relating to extreme weather patterns and how they could affect your future farming decisions.

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