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This factsheet from the Government of South Australia introduces the concept of property management planning and how it helps with defining goals, solving problems, time management and planning a budget.

Four steps to develop a successful property plan are outlined:

Step 1: Assess property

This is the information gathering phase, including:

  1. natural resources – soil type, rainfall, native vegetation, water quality, water quantity, watercourse
  2. physical geography – slope, rocky outcrops, drainage lines
  3. limitations of the property – waterlogging, weeds, erosion, salinity, poor soil cover
  4. financial and human resources – what are the requirements of the enterprise you wish to run? Do these match the attributes of the property?

Step 2: Identify your goals and visions

Consider goals for the property and its resources, the business, your family, your lifestyle.

Step 3: Develop the plan

The factsheet recommends using a series of clear overlays to be drawn up:

  1. Overlay 1: all the physical and permanent features of the property which will impact on its management. (such as saline sites, rocky areas,steep slopes and native vegetation), as identified in Step 1.
  2. Overlay 2: the existing layout of the property (including fences, stock troughs, raceways, etc.)
  3. Overlay 3: realistic plan based upon ‘best practice’ land management principles and includes future plans such as new fence lines, revegetation areas or permanent structures.

Step 4: Write a detailed ‘Action Plan’

The factsheet also provides information on other planning considerations including stock water, fire, fences, yards, raceways and shelter belts.


Natural resources management is: caring for our land, water, plants and animals – balancing people’s needs with those of nature.

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