Protein to Fat Ratio of Milk


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Farm Table says:

The pricing mechanism for milk in Australia is generally based on the butterfat and protein content of the milk as well as volume, so it's important to monitor the P:F ratio to maximise the value of milk being produced.

This fact sheet, produced by DairyNZ, discusses the protein to fat (P:F) ratio of milk in terms of nutrition, value and reproductive influence.  It utilises the research of a series of scientific journals and articles (including from Australian sources), and summarises the findings in three pages.

It seeks to answer questions producers may have surrounding P:F ratios, including:

  • Is protein to fat ratio a measure of adequacy of feeding?
  • Are milksolids worth more when protein to fat ratio is higher?
  • Does P:F ratio influence reproduction?

The key sections include:

  • Diet and protein to fat ratio (energy balance and diet composition);
  • Value of milksolids and protein to fat ratio; and
  • Protein to fat ratio and reproduction.

In summary, this fact sheet provides valuable information on the protein to fat ratio of milk, why it should be monitored and how it can be influenced.

2014 - New Zealand - DairyNZ
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