Reading a Breedplan catalogue

NSW DPI - Brian Sundstrom

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Farm Table says:

Worthwhile article on how to read a BREEDPLAN catalogue. I was interested to learn how estimated breeding values (EBVs) are calculated.

This article assists producers in reading a BREEDPLAN catalogue to ensure they understand how this online program can assist them with their beef production enterprise.

Items covered in this article were:


• Estimated breeding values (EBVs)


• How to use the catalogue and compare bull data

Key points were as follows:

• BREEDPLAN is a great place to check a bulls data to ensure they are the right fit for your breeding herd.

• EBVs are calculated based on the following:

1) specific animals data

2) all known relative data

3) other known measurements

They give producers an idea of a bulls progeny to see if a certain bull would be the right fit for their herd.

• GROUP BREEDPLAN is for breeders looking for specific EBVs within that breed or across that breed. Currently available on GROUP BREEDPLAN is Angus, Brahman, Limousin and Hereford.

• For an example of the catalogue and tips on how to compare bull progeny, click here.

Australia - NSW DPI - Brian Sundstrom
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