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Farm Table says:

Most of us know that safety incidents need to be documented and reported, but exactly how to do so can be a bit more unknown. Here are some easy templates and WorkCover info to follow.

Appropriately responding to incidents on your farm is very important to ensure any future actions such as WorkCover involvement is managed effectively.

Dairy Australia (The People in Dairy) state that injuries, incidents, accidents and near-misses should be recorded using;

  • Accident and incident register
  • Reporting hazard template

They also refer to the need to investigate all work-related injuries, accidents and incidents as soon as possible and controls put in place to prevent them from recurring. To do so they have made available;

  • Accident investigation report template

If an incident is considered serious, the state workplace safety authority must be notified in the event of death, serious injury or where there is a serious risk to health.

2017 - Australia - Dairy Australia
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