Remote cattle management system puts data from satellites and stock yards into beef producers’ hands

ABC Rural - Lucie Bell

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Farm Table says:

Interesting article on emerging beef cattle management techology being trialled in Western Australia which is allowing producers to have a streamlined weight and feed management system in place through satellite technology.

This article discusses trial results of emerging technology in precision pastoral management tools (PPMT) for beef cattle on Glenflorrie Station in Western Australia.

Key points were as follows:

  • PPMT technology has been trialled across five sites in the top end of Western Australia.
  • “PPMT combines a weighing platform with an RFID ear tag reader and automatic drafting gate, all set up alongside a watering point.”
  • Listen here from the people behind the PPMT technology.
  • Producers are able to receive weight recordings via satellite technology which allows them to be aware of weight loss and weight gain retrospectively.
  • This technology gives producers firsthand information on the paddock situation in terms of feed availability and target weight progress for specific markets.
  • The PPMT system can be preprogramed by producers to separate cattle of a certain weight range into a separate yard that can allow them to be drafted and ready to be trucked without the manual inputs usually required in terms of mustering and labour.
  • The satellite mapping function can also give producers feed mapping across the station so producers can effectively manage feed and weight control within their livestock.
2015 - Australia - ABC Rural - Lucie Bell
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