Rice in the Riverina

A Marsden Jacob Report

Farm Table says:

The future prospects of Riverina rice depend on 4 key influences:
  • Prices of water compared to fixed-price contracts for rice varieties grown
  • Improving productivity through research and development
  • Availability of water including general security and temporary allocations and the competition for water from other horticulture businesses
  • Step changes to general water security entitlement and environmental water recovery

Rice in the Riverina is prepared for the Independent Murray-Darling Basin Social and Economic Assessment Panel.

This report focuses on rice in the Murray-Darling basin and the influence of changing water security in the future. The report looks at water levels and production pre the Millenium Drought and reduced production since the beginning of that drought. It has never recovered making rice growing one of the most variable crops in the region.

The number of rice farms has halved in the past 20 years and rice-growers typically grow other crops such as corn and cotton. Rice is a vertically integrated industry with SunRice operating the milling and marketing the product. It is an industry heavily reliant on secure water allocations but will also adapt to temporary water allocations,

2020 - A Marsden Jacob Report
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