Rice production in Australia

Ali Ahsan Bajwa, Bhagirath S. Chauhan - Springer International Publishing

Farm Table says:

Rice production in Australia doesn't contribute much compared to an international export percentage but their quality more than makes up for it.

What is the problem?

The rice production in Australia is quite different from the rest of the world in the perspective of production, processing, and marketing. The rice is produced only in a few regions of the country due to strict regulations about water and land use for rice production. This chapter focuses on the crop husbandry, management practices, and use of innovative technologies for rice production in Australia.

What did the research involve?

This chapter mostly talks about rice produced in Australia, its area of production, and production methods which is mostly based on citations. No actual experiment was conducted.

What were the key findings?

All the rice sown in Australia is irrigated, mostly through river water or sometimes groundwater. The rice is grown in the summer season in Riverina, and sowing starts in the month of October. The rice seeds are either dispersed aerially in flooded fields or directly drilled in dry soil followed by irrigation. In Australia, the rice crop is usually followed by a fallow season of up to 6 months as the intensive cropping systems are not common. Hence, rice is grown as sole crop in most of the rice farming areas

Final comment

Rice production in Australia may be regarded as a success story in terms of remarkable yield achievement, water and energy savings, innovative adoption of technologies, excellent marketing and export system, and economic benefits. The integrated crop management and optimized post-harvest processing enable Australian growers to obtain high-quality products on a sustainable basis. Although the shrinking water resources and changing climate are haunting Australian rice production which is already restricted to a small area and under observation all the time, the conservation management practices adopted by farmers may help to sustain this production.

2017 - Ali Ahsan Bajwa, Bhagirath S. Chauhan - Springer International Publishing
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