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An informative article on seed treatments, the benefits obtained for growers and the various types of seed treatments that are available through Stephen Pasture Seeds and Auswest Seeds.


“Applying a seed treatment to forage seed is a very effective plant protection tool, helping ensure seedling establishment and early plant development is maximised, so that a high producing pasture or forage crop can be achieved. The first four to six weeks after sowing is a critical stage in the life of a new plant as seedlings emerge and develop their plant structures. Seed treatment has a very important role to play during this period because it is during this time that seedlings are most at risk from external factors such as pest and disease pressure.”

The various types of seed treatments available through Stephen Pasture Seeds and Auswest Seeds include:


Clovers and Legumes

“SowEasy® is a seed treatment that provides small seedlings with a superior level of early plant protection. SowEasy® provides broad-spectrum protection against some major insect pests and common soil-borne diseases during plant establishment.”


Temperate Grasses, Brassicas* and Herbs

“Kickstart treated seed consists of Poncho® Plus protecting seedlings for the critical period after germination from numerous biting and sucking insects. Poncho® Plus is a systemic insecticide and is quickly absorbed by the seed.”

SowEasy KickStart™

Clover, Lucerne and Tropical Seed (species dependent)

“SowEasy KickStart® combines the advantages of ‘SowEasy’ coated seed together with the ‘KickStart’ treatment to offer growers the advantages of ‘ready to sow’ seed.”


Tropical Seed

“The Envirogro® seed treatment process is a special cleaning and treatment process that removes the husk from the bare seed, leaving the caryopses. The caryopses is then cleaned and pelleted, this process includes adding insecticide and fertiliser to provide the seedling with improved success rates.”

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