Serrated Tussock


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Farm Table says:

The key to Serrated tussock management is regular monitoring, starting before it is detected and paying particular attention to likely entry points.


What is the Problem?

Up to 95% of pasture productivity can be reduced if infested with serrated tussock. Particularly, its windborne seed may spread extensively and briskly.

This publication furnished the 3 strategies for Serrated tussock grass management.

What did the research involve?

The research incorporated the 3D’s of weed management to cost-efficiently manage and control this weed’s infestation to assist farmers in dealing with such.

What were the key findings?

D number 1: Deliberation

  • do stocktake.  Consider answering these relevant queries: Where is the weed and how dense? Is it spreading and how? Where is it coming from?
  • planning ahead is also essential. Through setting goals of long-term and on-going commitment to monitoring, treating serrated tussock and taking it into action

D number 2: Diversity

  • use several tools. It can be done through minimizing of new plants, removal of existing plants, use of herbicides in early spring and cultivation on arable areas, and monitor paddocks biannually
  • pasture management is vital. Maintain strong and competitive pastures to protect the plants from weed establishment.

D number 3: Diligence

  • persist with control. Monitor new plants during autumn/winter rain. In a timely manner, surveil the quality of pastures and effects of the control measures. Follow-up of the effects is also vital.
  • prevention is always better than cure. Stop seed set rapidly by checking the groundcover. Also, cleaning, spraying and encouraging the neighbors to follow a similar approa

Final comment

Serrated tussock is aggressive against moisture, sunlight, and nutrients that pasture production can be reduced within a year. It has no grazing value because of its unpalatability to livestock, high-fiber, and low-protein content. Thus, regular monitoring is crucial to prevent more problems that may arise.

Australia - MLA - AWI
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