Short Term Ryegrass Yield

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This research article looks at short term ryegrass trials, yield comparison and economics. A valid point made in this article was 'when home grown is the cheapest source of feed, why not grow as much as you can'.


Comparison and Economics

This article looks at short term trials on ryegrass, yield comparison and economics.

What were the key findings?

  • over many variable seasons, later maturing proprietary ryegrasses are more profitable to grow than Tetila types under longer growing seasons as they grow substantially more feed and utilise spring rainfall to produce better quality feed than Tetila types
  • by choosing Mach 1 annual ryegrass over Tetila annual ryegrass, you pay $52/ha more for the seed for a return of $584/ha. You have recouped the cost of seed eleven times over in any given season
  • choosing Knight Italian ryegrass over Tetila annual ryegrass under the same system in year one, you can grow an extra 5,971 kgDM/ha, increasing profitability by $1,493/ha with an increase in seed investment of only $95/ha
  • in these trials the first autumn/winter yield difference between Tetila and Mach 1 is negligible. Even in short to medium growing seasons, Mach 1 is a better option under many conditions as there is more quality leaf during hay and silage time compared to Tetila
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