‘Smart’ farming and the ‘Internet of Things’

David Lamb - AgInnovators

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Informative article on smart farming, digital technology, wireless technology and the impact that big data will have on rural and regional Australia in the future.

This article talks about the future of smart farming, digital and wireless technology and how big data will impact rural and regional Australia.

Key points were as follows:

  • “Smart farming now, and certainly in the next 5 -10 years will be about our ability to communicate with, within and between farms. Connection and communication is the key.”
  • Lamb discusses the three waves of the internet:
  1. Wave 1 occurred in the 1990’s and its purpose was to connect people to data.
  2. Wave 2 occurred in the 2000’s and its purpose was to connect people to the internet and social media.
  3. Wave 3 is yet to occur however its purpose will be to connect people to things “or more dryly, “machine to machine” communications”
  • High speed internet demand in rural and remote Australia was three times greater than predicted.
  • All of these advances will improve farm management systems, resource management and create greater efficiencies.
2014 - Australia - David Lamb - AgInnovators
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